Michelle says: This is a selection of kitties that was fostered by my friend Denise. They are almost certainly not all from the same litter. They were all trapped, spayed or neutered, and rehomed. I didn't foster them, I just took their photos for her and helped her by creating a flyer to post and by posting them for her on Craigslist. Luckily she found homes for all seven of them.

As for where she trapped them, people sometimes "dump" kittens/cats next to the local humane society. They don't even bring them inside, they just pull up, drop them off outside, and abandon them. And then there are people who want to leave cats at the shelter, carry them in laundry baskets or whatever they can find, and the cats escape. (A laundry basket is not a very clever way to carry a kitty.) Lately the economy has added to this problem. People are moving and abandoning cats like they're leaving behind furniture. And because many haven't been spayed (cats can get pregnant very young, at three and a half to four months), all these very young female cats are getting pregnant right next to the humane society. It's a very bad situation.

Denise is among the angels who is willing to go to the trouble of trapping these feral and abandoned cats and trying to rehome them. She volunteers as part of an organized program to trap, neuter, and either rehome them or at least place them in managed cat colonies that are fed and cared for. I don't trap... I leave that to other volunteers because I'm not patient enough and it just makes me so sad when I see the momma cats out there and their kittens sick, injured, or flea-infested. But it's something that hurts when I read that people don't spay/neuter. Everyone loves a cute kitten, but not everyone realizes just how many of them are euthanized or, worse, are starving, injured, or killed out on the streets.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Michelle Peters Spivack
In addition to 13th St. Cat Rescue, IBOK Rescue, and Paws for SJACS,
Michelle now also volunteers for RescueGroups.org, a group that offers discount technology services to animal rescue organizations

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KC -
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Such cuties and such a sad story - unfortunately this is happening all over the world :-(
KatVonV -
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Seven little beauties taken care of by Denise. Denise, you are a wonderful person. All the kittens look scared and I hope they found good homes and began to trust people.
Stonewall -
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I would take home any or all of these
beauties without a second thought.
That's why "She who must be obeyed" is pretty much in charge of all of my meaningful choices .YUP! It's probably a good thing.

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