May 18, 2022
ajla says: Franek is the sweetest thing. :) With sharp little claws. ;) He is French but his name is Polish (Franciszek is the full form). He was born in the south of France. When I was staying at my father's place he brought that little kitten home. Franek's mother died, probably got hit by a car, and my father and his coworkers decided to help those poor creatures. To be honest, me and my stepmmother were afraid that we would not manage to save Franek. He did not want to eat beacuse he simply did not know how to do it. We bought a special bottle and milk for cats and fed him that way. When he ate the full bottle and was full for the first time since his mother's death he started to purr. Then I knew that he was going to be okay, but my stepmother, who knew nothing about cats, was like: "Oh my God, he is shaking all over, he is going to die" ;-) We had to feed him several times a day and each time he gave us new scratches. After consuming a bottle of milk, he used to suck our fingers as if it was his mother's skin. This way he got very relaxed and fell asleep, purring.

At first, Franek was only eating and sleeping, but that did not last for long. He was growing incredibly fast. Especially his claws and those little teeth. He was playing with us, usually in a brutal way, but it was so much fun! He always "helped" us to do daily activities. He always tried to catch the pen or the sweeper. As you can see in the picture, he especially liked my book and tried to convince me that learning the history of the English language is a waste of time. We gave him a teddy bear so that he could treat him like a brother and it actually worked. They slept together and Franek used to play with him a lot. It was a very sad moment for me when I had to leave Franek and go back to university. My father found a very good place for him when our "child" grew up and was ready to start his life in a new home. When my father meets the new owners, they show him their scratches and say: "Votre chat". But they absolutely love him, just like we do. It is just impossible not to love Franek. I hope to see him this summer.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: ajla

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KC -
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WHAT A CUTIE - so glad you saved him - lovely story!
judymack812 -
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Franek was very blessed to have you!
txmomlovell -
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so sweet
KatVonV -
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Franek is so sweet looking. His little grey dot is so cute. I hope you get to see him when you are home from University. He will be all big and grown up then and still a sweet little guy.
Stonewall -
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Just look at those magnificent ears! Franek is obviously descended from kitty
Nobility. Why do I get the sense that he
is now the master of the home?
Enjoy your life little man.

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