Jill says: Isabella (aka Miss Noodle on the Fredericton SPCA Web site) came to us with her four kittens in early April. They came from the Saint John Animal Rescue League, which is a kill shelter and was very overcrowded. The Fredericton SPCA drove down and picked up several cats and litters of kittens to bring them to our shelter. I then picked up Isabella and her kittens and brought them home for some tender loving foster care.

Rambo may look cute but he lived up to his name! He loved to jump on top of and wrestle his brothers and sisters. He would even try to take on our adult cats.... that didn't go over to well with them! He had tons of energy and after you tired him out he'd cuddle right up with you. When we returned him to the shelter he was adopted right away and is now in his forever home.

Isabella was very skinny and probably only a year old. She was a great mom to her kittens considering it was probably her first litter. She was also very playful herself and loved to chase toy mice when she wasn't busy with her little ones. Unfortunately, when her kittens got sick with pneumonia she rejected them and she also started getting a bit aggressive with our own adult cats, so we took her back to the SPCA where she is currently waiting for someone to give her a forever home.

UPDATE from the Kitten Krew: Jill wrote this blurb several days ago when Isabella was waiting to be adopted. Isabella's photo disappeared from the SPCA Web site today so we HOPE that means she found a forever home. We're waiting for Jill to check in with us and let us know if there's good news...

UPDATE II: Isabella did indeed get adopted!

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: jillhudgins
If you're in New Brunswick, please consider supporting the Fredericton SPCA

Isabella's Kittens: Rambo [6]  kitten
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KC -
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Great pictures - very sweet kitten. I would have loved to adopt Isabella :-)
TortiMommy -
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23 points
Rambo sounds like a real character! What a cutie!
judymack812 -
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1833 points
Look at that face! Love at first site! I hope Isabella is having a good life in her new home.
KatVonV -
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What a charmer! I hope both Rambo. Isabella and any other surviving kittens have good homes now.
txmomlovell -
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251 points
such a cutie

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