Jill says: We brought Flipper home to join Isabella's litter of four in foster care when we took Isabella back to the Fredericton SPCA. Flipper was found by herself just outside the city. She has the cutest feet ever... two extra toes on each front foot and one extra on each back foot! Right away she got along really well with the Isabella's kittens. Within half an hour they were cuddled up together. No hissing or anything! Flipper was very independent and could entertain herself with any toy. She was one of the weirdest kittens we've fostered... I mean that in a good way! She will definitely always stand out. Her favourite thing to do was march on the blanket on the back of our couch and try to suckle it. She actually taught the other kittens how to do it! I don't know if they they were comforted by it because it was soft and fleecy (possibly like their mom?) but they sure left it nice and slobbery for me when I sat down. We returned Flipper to the SPCA last week, when she had just a few more ounces to put on before she could go up for adoption. We hope by the time you're reading this Flipper will be in her new home.

UPDATE: Flipper got adopted June 20 after being at the shelter for a month! Thanks to Brittany, who saw Flipper on the Good Morning Kitten and went to get her and bring her home!

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: jillhudgins

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KC -
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what an unusual girl. So glad her story has a happy ending!
judymack812 -
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Flipper you are a wondrous polydactyl with all those extra toes! I am glad someone saw how great you are and snatched you up! Polydactyl's are so fun!
KatVonV -
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Flipper, you are darling. Glad you were adopted and are safe. You are a cutie. A good teacher for the other kittens too it appears. I hope Isabella was adopted too.
Stonewall -
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You are a stunningly pretty little girl, and I'm sure you will figure out how to make those extra toes work for you. I hope you are having a great life in your adoptive home

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