June 21, 2022
Candy says: We have had Milo for about three weeks now. What a pill!!! He is so fun. He loves to run and play all over the house. He loves torturing his "step-sister" Maggie. Poor Maggie can barely be in the house without Milo attacking her. He just wants to play but she wants none of it. My twin daughters love playing with him too. We have lots of toys around the house and he loves them all and my girls love to get him chasing them. Even grandma, who isn't a pet person, has fallen in love. But of course Milo's favorite thing is sleeping. He is loving and sweet and we are so glad he has joined our home and now makes our cat count three: Missy, Maggie and Milo!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Candy Wright

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KC -
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Milo is such a character! What a cutie. No wonder no one can resist him. I certainly can't. And all these pictures are great.
KatVonV -
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Milo's pink chin matches his pink nose. What a little charmer he is. He plays hard and he sleeps hard I think.

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