Lena says: Genie is Jasmine's brother, the biggest of Isabella's five kittens and sooo handsome. He has tons of energy and after you tire him out he will cuddle right up with you. He has two extra toes on each front paw and one extra on each rear paw! Genie is already taken. He will be staying with a woman named Vivian and her family in Esbjerg, Denmark. There are also two other cats there that he can play with. :-)
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Lena F.
Lena owns Krammekatten, a small Maine Coon cattery in Denmark

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KC -
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another cutie and a lovely set of photos.
judymack812 -
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Adorable kitten but I will stick to shelter kittens.
KatVonV -
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Genie looks like he enjoys a good meal. He is really a large kitty with beautiful long fur. Glad he will have playmates in his new home.
Stonewall -
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Genie is a wonderful example of Main Coons.All of these pictures of Genie are terrific of course, the photography is very good; but with a subject like this little Boy, half of the hard work is already done.

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