Lena says: Aladdin is an adorable little troublemaker with a loving personality. He has two extra toes on each front paw and one extra on each rear paw!

Five Poly Maine Coons: Genie
Five Poly Maine Coons: Jasmine

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Lena F.
Lena owns Krammekatten, a small Maine Coon cattery in Denmark

Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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Another beautiful darling from this wonderful litter :-) and another series of great photos!
judymack812 -
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You are a beautiful cat but I don't have $2500 to buy a cat and shelter cats are so grateful when adopted!
KatVonV -
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Aladdin, you are a beautiful kitten. I hope you get a real home and get to be a pet.
txmomlovell -
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another cutie
Stonewall -
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Another little doll. Aladdin is also a
fine representative of his tribe. As to him being a bit of a troublemaker;
I've yet to meet a cat that doesn't have at least a simmering tendency in that direction.
Just one more thing to bring laughter and smiles. Live long and well Aladdin.

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