July 27, 2022
Tada Tadashi says: My yard has mysterious power to lure kittens… It is about a year ago that Gustav came to my home. Half month back, Gustav where watched the outside from the window informed us that a kitten had strayed in the garden. She was Dora. She was alone and digging my yard. I think that it is two months about after her birth. Because the face looks alike, she is expected the same mother as Gustav.

Dora that has already lived as a homeless cat is high with desire to be independent. Dora is very daring even toward Gustav with as much as five time weight! The eating obstinacy is strong, and she is frequent to eat even the food of Gustav. I don't know her likes well because she has not become familiar with life with human yet. However, she came to play well with kitten's toy recently. She seems to be gradually a kitten and I think that she has become understand she is a kitten. I think that Dora also surely grow :-) And now you can see Dora on Twitter too!

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tada Tadashi
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Dora [6]  kitten
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KC -
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Such a cutie!!!!!! Poor baby really seems to have hated that bath and was looking at you pleadingly :-)
judymack812 -
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Dora is very cute and rare since she is a girl!
KatVonV -
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I hope little Dora decides she likes being a kept inside mostly kitty. She is lovely and rare to be a girl.

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