September 14, 2022
Mikael says: When we heard that the extraordinary wonderful (European) Burmese cat girl Felicia, owned by a breeder friend, was going to have a litter, I and my wife put our self in line for a brown little girl. When cat mom is that well tempered AND beautiful, we had high hopes for the babies too.

Our wishes came true. Felicia had five baby girls, all brown, and oh my! - they were nice. Gentle Geisha is a striking beauty. She is a social cat who loves to meet new admiring people. She sure is setting a new speed level in the household for the two older cat boys she lives with. She shows no misplaced respect and they are playing and cuddling together with lots of love and affection for each other. Not only humans enjoy the happy kitten. :-) Well, my wife and I have to take part in her games too. She frequently empties the bag with the collection of cat toys and drops some of them on our knees - time for fetch, all night long! When she is relaxing, she displays the qualities of a cool ragdoll cat: she can be handled in any kind of way and is just purring away and shows no tense reactions. When she grows up she will hopefully have little kittens on her own and be appreciated in the cat shows she will take part in here in Scandinavia.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Mikael Tigerström
Mikael owns S*Dirigentens Cattery in Gothenburg
And don't miss his Flickr photostream with the most gorgeous photos of Sweden

Geisha [6]  kitten
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KC -
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So lovely to see her again. Burmese are the best, so well balanced and affectionate. My favorite breed, I have two at the moment.
judymack812 -
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This is a cute but surprising picture. She is old enough to ear on her own but looks like a special treat? She is getting.
txmomlovell -
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KatVonV -
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Geisha is lovely. Sounds like she loves to play too.
Stonewall -
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Geisha, what a perfect name for this gorgeous brown silky-furred bundle!
Burmese are another beautiful breed of cats and I have never had the honor of providing a residence for one.
I would just love to correct that!

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