Will says: Duffy is the brother of Tuffy and another one of the foster kittens we brought home over New Year's Eve a few years ago. As I remember it, Duffy was the most affectionate of the kittens both with humans and with the other kittens. He often got the worst of it wrestling with his littermates. As the weeks passed, he would more often be seen with his brother Scruffy, and as luck would have it Duffy and Scruffy were adopted together.

Of the four kittens, Duffy was the most difficult to photograph. He was the lightest colored and provided the least amount of edge contrast for the camera's automatic focus. Considering both the indoor environment and the constant movement of the kittens, I have to rely on flash quite a bit. Duffy's light coat resulted in more glare and overexposure problems than with the other kittens. But like all kittens, he had his own unique expressions and poses.

New Year's Even Kittens: Tuffy

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Will and Kathey Haas
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New Year's Eve Kittens: Duffy [6]  kitten
New Year's Eve Kittens: Duffy [6]  kitten
New Year's Eve Kittens: Duffy [6]  kitten
New Year's Eve Kittens: Duffy [6]  kitten
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KatVonV -
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Duffy has such beautiful pastel coloring. I am glad he was adopted along with Scruffy.
txmomlovell -
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such sweet kitties
judymack812 -
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I think Duffys photos are wonderful. He is a gorgeous buff kitten and I wish he were mine!
Stonewall -
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Well, he may have been the source of a few photography inconveniences;but with that soft buff & white coat those alluring amber eyes, and such a loving purrs-onality; I would feel blessed to have him.

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