November 18, 2022
slytoffcntr says: Mister was a kitten acquired by the family through the usual neighborhood means… someone needed to get rid of some kittens. He was about two months in most of these pictures, and full of himself. He would help me in the garden in the mornings... digging, hunting... exploring. He kept getting stuck in the tree, but after the second day of the same tree I let him find his way down. He generally would follow me around the yard and play with whatever I was working on. Sadly, Mister came up missing this last summer. It's a risk you take if you let your cat go outdoors, a lesson we learned the hard way.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: slytoffcntr

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Kvv -
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I am glad Mister learned how to get out of the tree. So sorry you lost him. I had a similar experience. Cats love to go outside but it is a risk.
KC -
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Makes me sad to see the lovely pictures of this gorgeous boy, knowing that he disappeared.
txmomlovell -
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such a handsome kitty
judymack812 -
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Such a pretty boy. Sorry you lost him...

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