November 30, 2022
crashnandicoot says: Born feral, Ursula now lives in the lap of luxury. With the help of Carol Manos from Carol’s Ferals, I was able to trap her. She had a large grub living in a wound in her tiny neck, which would have no doubt killed her. I was going to release her after she saw the vet, was spayed, and had a week of antibiotics (she was like a wild raccoon in our basement), but after 24 hours she began to purr! My husband let me keep her!! Ursula is now the dominant cat, despite two large male tabbies and one elderly female cat in the house. She would rather play than eat. Mostly she is super sweet!

Please consider taking the time to trap, neuter, and release the feral cats in your environs. Very likely there is someone in your city or town that will help you. An intact female cat, her mate, and their offspring can produce thousands of cats over the course of five years.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: crashnandicoot
except photos 5 and 6 courtesy of and copyright Carrie Miles

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KC -
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What a darling! So glad you saved and kept her! Your Aby is also gorgeous.
Kvv -
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Ursula ha lovely whiskers! She looks like a darling kitty and Aby is so loving and kind to her.
txmomlovell -
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she's so pretty
judymack812 -
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She is adorable little girl and I feed feral cats at my house. Very rural here so no help with TNR and I am disabled but I have still managed to save some with the help of a friend. I love all of them.

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