Gothabilly13 says: This is my newest baby. Remy was left on our porch with a saucer of milk and some pulled pork, neither of which he could eat. He was barely a month old and very tiny, screaming his head off. We had only been in the house a few weeks but were already known as the cat people. He is growing like a weed. Since he is so charming and has a hard backstory, I named him after my favorite X-Men character, Gambit. He lives up to the name and is quite an acrobat. His eyes have changed color now that he is over two months. At the moment they are the same gray as his fur.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Gothabilly13

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KC -
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What a cutie! So glad you saved him!! I hope he stays safe indoors.
Kvv -
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Gambit is so cute with his grey stripes. He sounds like he is quite the fun loving little guy, Stay safe!
judymack812 -
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Oh how I love bottle kittens! Thank you for saving him!
texasmom -
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looks like a real sweetie
Stonewall -
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As soon as I got to the "Kitten on the on the green cushion I remembered this little Boy. He was just beautiful at this stage, and I hope he has gone to a loving home, or better yet; stayed with those who already love him.

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