Irina says: Orion is very similar to Ocean. We could not tell who is who for a long time, so we had to mark Orion's toenails with fingernail polish. Now we can distinguish them by size and color. Ocean is a bit bigger and lighter and his nose is longer. Orion looks a bit unhappy at some of the photos, but in fact Orion is a buoyant and lively boy. We hope you will like his funny pictures.

India's Kittens: Odin
India's Kittens: Ocean
India's Kittens: Origami
India's Kittens: Oracle
India's Kittens: Ozzy
India's Kittens: Opera

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Irina Shvayakova
Please visit Irina's Web site for more information about her gorgeous kittens
and her Flickr stream for more photos of all sorts of beautiful places and things

Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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what a gorgeous cutie!!!! Such beautiful deep red color. He must by now be very happy in his forever loving home.
texasmom -
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305 points
Kvv -
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95 points
Orion really is a star! Such pretty coloring and that little white chin. I hope he is happy.
judymack812 -
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1959 points
Lovely ginger boy!
Stonewall -
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Yes He is just as terrific as the rest of this magical litter.
India's babies are all "Rock Stars".
They are an Orange-Red in my opinion
But in any expression of details, they are all magnificent.

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