March 31, 2023
wee3beasties says: In addition to Vidalia's kittens and Moonshine's kittens, I have rescued and fostered other kittens, including Mini Moo. This tiny, little, just-over-one-pound, emaciated boy was dumped on my friend's farm with five other kittens. His health was precarious but his spirit was indomitable. This little guy stole my heart! My friend and I both had sleepless nights caring for him those first few weeks. Thankfully, he responded well to love, wet food, and medicine. Once we could finally sleep without wondering whether we would awaken to a lifeless form, Mini Moo had the misfortune of breaking his leg. What a little champ he proved to be! He never let that splint hold him back. We found a home for this happy, healthy boy with only my photos to document the perils of his young life as an ill, emaciated kitten dumped in the country to die…

Mini Moo, now named Griffen, is doing fabulously well in his new home. He has the company of another cat and a dog during the day. He plays with both of them, and he has won the heart of his new owner's boyfriend (how could he not?). I trust that life will be wonderful for this handsome little boy!

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: wee3beasties

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KC -
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Such a lovely, sweet boy! What a rescue that was! So glad he is happy and much loved in his new home, where I hope he stays safe inside.
KatVonV -
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Mini Moo has such interesting markings. I am glad he pulled through his rough start in life and the broken leg healed nicely. Stay safe little Mini Moo.
judymack812 -
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Cute kitten with very long legs!
texasmom -
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looks like a sweetie
Stonewall -
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I recall Mini Moo from a much earlier showing. What a feisty little boy he proved to be.
He is a beautiful collage of black and white markings throughout his lovely coat; and yes! I too believe he deserves a gentle slow aging with lots of Love and nibbles.

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