September 10, 2023
DreamyGothGirl says: Mrs. Peel would like you to know that she's a very sweet young lady who loves having her tummy rubbed and playing with toy mice. Her absolute favorite trick is to pick up one of her toys and throw it in her drinking bowl. It's not the throwing in that makes it fun, it's trying to get the toy out without getting wet herself. That she splashes the water all over the floor is an added bonus. Or at least the look on my face is when I see her fooling around like that. I would like to add that she truly is a sweet young lady as long as I do what she wants me to do. But then again, that's probably the case with all cats. I am indeed a servant to little Mrs. Peel's wishes.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: DreamyGothGirl

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KC -
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Mrs Peel is absolutely wonderful! All her pictures are lovely!
KatVonV -
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Mrs. Peel looks mysterious and wise in this photo. She is beautiful and takes great photos.
texasmom -
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peek a boo

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