May 17, 2024
Jay says: Daisy was a stray cat who brought four of her babies to the back door of the house. We started to feed them every day. We named the little tabby Tiger, Jr., because he was very well marked with tiger-like stripes. We fed Tiger, Jr., his mom, and his three siblings for a few months before they slowly went their own ways.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Jay D. aka KoolPix
Please check out Jay's Flickr photostream to see more of his amazing and gorgeous photos!

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KC -
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Gorgeous mama and babies. I hope they are all alive and well and maybe found homes.
texasmom -
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handsome kitty
Cathlee -
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Tiger, Jr. looks like a very confident kitten. I hope Mama and all her kittens found good homes and are safe.

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