June 6, 2024
Charlotta says: This is Madonna! She is 17 weeks old and she lives in Kauhava, Finland. She is half-Siamese but she looks and acts just like a Siamese cat -- she is very demanding, social, and playful. Of course she also has an extremely loud voice so she is always noticed. :) Madonna likes her best friend, five-year-old Elvis, a lot. She especially loves to play with his tail which sometimes drives him crazy. Anyway, they're adorable together and they're always having fun!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Charlotta Kankaanpää
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Madonna [7]  kitten
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KC -
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Such a beautiful pair! I'm glad they have each other and seem so happy :-)
texasmom -
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so cute
Cathlee -
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Madonna and Elvis - I can just imagine the music they makeas they play together. She is lovely, as is Elvis.

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