July 1, 2024
Kate says: One day some people we knew were driving on the highway here in Costa Rica where we live. Out of the corner of their eyes they saw a burlap bag on the side of the road and it was moving. The slowed down when they saw a kitten trying to get out of it. It turns out that four precious kittens were in this bag, tossed out on the side of the road. Fortunately these people stopped and took them home. My husband met Chloe shortly thereafter and decided to add her to our furbaby family. We had just lost our sweet Crystal a couple weeks before and Chloe needed a home so he put her in his shirt pocket (she was that small) and brought her home and surprised me.

A few days later the people who found the kittens called. They had been able to adopt out one of the kittens but still had two more and they had to go back to the States for three weeks. Was there any way we could foster sit for three weeks? We couldn't say no. Chloe's brothers came to stay with us. My husband was able to find a home for the orange kitten I had named Felix. I fell in love with Chloe and her brother Louie. One morning Dave tied a note with a ribbon around Louie's neck that said, "If you really love me, you can keep me." So Chloe got to keep her big brother around.

The kittens turn two this month. Chloe is cute and petite, and Louie is a big handsome grey kitty. They love to play together still. Although Chloe is small, she's a tough little girl. She loves to hunt, jump, stalk her siblings and yell at the neighbor cats. One day I heard a big thud in the garden and then skittering through the fallen leaves. I figured one of the dogs was chasing an iguana that had fallen out of the tree, but no, it was Chloe. Fortunately she kept about five feet away and avoided the whipping of its tail. She doesn't know she's just a little kitty.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: katemeri

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KC -
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So glad these beauties were saved and found loving homes. How anyone could be so cruel as to just throw them out is horrifying.
mamcathod -
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Gorgeous kitties who really landed on their paws, thank goodness.
Cathlee -
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Chloe and Louie are beautiful and I am so glad all the kittens found homes.
Kittykitty -
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Just look at that cute little tummy

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