Neal says: Kohaku and Chihiro are twin tuxedo cats who live in western Massachusetts. There was a large, aggressive dog in the house where they were born so they lived the first three months of their lives in an upstairs bedroom with two grade-school girls. They were never put down as babies so they're very friendly and always want to be with their humans. Their names come from the two characters in the anime classic Spirited Away. Kohaku was the river spirit and Chihiro was the girl who helped him escape from an evil wizard.

True to his name, Kohaku is a water cat, always running to get in the bath tub for a drink after someone finishes showering, and he often leaps to the kitchen counter and begs a drink straight from the faucet. When they first arrived they were quite concerned about the spaniel, Zoe, who already lived in the house. They soon settled down, began sleeping together, and now Zoe and Kohaku wrestle sometimes. Chihiro is dainty and proper -- no rolling around on the floor with the dog for her.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Neal Rauhauser

Kohaku and Chihiro [7]  kitten
Kohaku and Chihiro [7]  kitten
Kohaku and Chihiro [7]  kitten
Kohaku and Chihiro [7]  kitten
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KC -
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Beautiful babies, all three of them. And I love those names :-)
texasmom -
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so cute
Kittykitty -
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Oh no I have a splitting headache

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