August 18, 2009
PablosMommy says: This is the newest addition to our little animal family, I know his name is a little off but if you knew the kitty I do you would understand why we picked this name for him....He is very bad but the loveable side overrides that part, so I guess I can get over that!!! He is alot older now (about 10 months) and as big as a horse! But he is the best decision I made about getting a new kitten!!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: PablosMommy

Pablo  kitten
Pablo  kitten
Pablo  kitten
Pablo  kitten
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wiseowl09 -
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I think your Pablo is precious! Such expression in those gorgeous eyes!
michael -
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Gankaku -
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Pablo looks like a fuzzier version of my little Echo. :D Very cutie kitty!
MissyofMissylandia -
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so sweet.

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