February 19, 2013
Dmitri and Grimaldi  kitten
apocryphaldream says: Fifteen years ago the next door neighbor knocked out my back porch window. I had not had a chance to clean it up when I heard a strange noise. I walked outside and saw - nothing. Came back into the kitchen to finish cooking and heard it again. Once more - nothing. The third time I started to search and in the corner, on a pile of glass lay two tiny kittens. They were about a week and a half old. It was a cold early March night so I didn't want to leave them out there. I brought the two babies into my house and went in search of their siblings. I didn't find any. What I did find was a momma cat that had been hit by a car. So, calling my mom (who is a vet assistant), I asked her what to do. With a quick run to the local supermart to get kitten formula, these two babies became my children. Grimaldi passed away at the age of 13 two years ago. Dmitiri is curled up against my foot right now purring. I have never known the love like these two babies gave me. I developed epilepsy when they were about 4 yrs old. My husband would come home and find me out cold from a seizure with the two boys laying on me. When I am ill now, Dmitri still must be close to the only momma he has ever known. There is no greater feeling than the love that raising these babies to adulthood has ever been. Grimaldi and Dmitri - forever in my heart, forever with my love.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: apocryphaldream

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MissyofMissylandia -
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Dmitri and Grimaldi only are giving back, what they have gotten from you: endless love. And some say cats are not faithful and devoted ...
barbie -
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How lucky you were to find each other, and share the love for many years.
Natthecat -
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Very touching backstory. I fainted and had a similar experience with my cat Nat. Woke because he was sitting on my chest and licking my face. This is a cat that hardly ever left his couch, and was the surveyor of all that took place. I never forgot his concern for me.
darina -
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absolutely heart warming.. i hope you stay well and have the guiding light of your two babies around you always
ThaiCats101 -
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precious story...heartbreaking! Sorry for your loss of Grimaldi. I bet Dmitiri misses him very much. I know my cat Snickers misses his brother, Junior, who just passed away too. Junior was not even 2 though, so Snickers lost him right away, and could only turn to our dog or of course me whenever he was sad (which was basically ever minute). Snickers is starting to deal with it though (or maybe forget!!!). We can tell that he knows something is missing, but I don't think he can specifically remember Junior. Somehow, Im actually grateful for that. It broke my heart to always see Snickers sad. I hope that Dmitiri lives a happy long life!
giovannaciurli -
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=^.^= =^.^=*********** Your story and'beautiful and moving,I know'what
it means to love and be loved by two Sweets creatures,thou hast much loved,and they reciprocated this love! I am very sorry for the poor guy Grimaldi,now on the rainbow bridge! I know'very well the sadness of your heart,and that of his brother! A little kiss him,
wherever he is!!! I am happy that
Dimitri is always near you,even in the less beautiful,I wish you have a happy and long life ! with all my heart!!
giovannaciurli -
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OOPS.....Please excuse my imperfect English!!!
The little brothers Grimaldi and
DMITIRI,my favorite kittens my avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!
giovannaciurli -
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This is 'for us and 'a wonderful
and lots of Cuddles from Mommy..purr..puurr..
Karim -
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such a moving storing. I hope you get many more years w your baby :)
Darcy -
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Photos of the mature Dmitri, please? Have you thought of getting a companion for Dmitri? It might take some diplomacy.
mrcatman -
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cats can remember.about 20 yrs ago i had young she cat who lost her 1st litter due to flea's sucking the blood from the kitts.Next time she got preggie, she gave birth next to me in our bed.they lived.so she made the right choice by thinking 'he will protect them'. thanx
amy marie molina -
so cute I HAD A KITTEN but I had to take it to the animal cruelty shelter because my land lord didn't allow pets we had to pay 2000 dollars to keep him so I didn't have the money so I had TO take him there I got so sad I told my sister and she cried. the reason she cried is because we had him when he was a newborn

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