July 11, 2011
sara says: this is my girl festiva the reason it says 1 is because she has another file and i wanted to make a new one but anyway hear is her story. when i was 14 i got this cat and when she became in heat my mothers boyfriend would kick her when i was away because of the noises she made i did not know it at the time untill my sister told me. i had also gone on a week trip to my boyfriends mothers. and when i came home she was gone. so i went outside to look for her. i had found her in a cage with no shelter she was raind on and all wet and dirty. i went to grave her and she hissed at me. i was very upset at the time because i thought for sure she would never want to be held again. after a month she finaly started to come around. i moved out of my moms when i was 17 because i didnt like the way my cat was treated. now she is better and a little more friendly she doesnt like to be held but she likes to be petted. the other thing i had not menchened is she is special because when she was born she was born partialy blind. so she canot see very well she does run into things every now and then, she was also lucky to be alive, her mother had 5 kittens and only to had servived because something killed the others so im very happy i have her now she was born (4-30-07) if you look on her heaad you will see a cross
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: sara

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cpneale -
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I'm so sorry to hear her sad sorry!!! What a terrible boyfriend your mother had and not to mention what a terrible mother to let her boyfriend treat an animal like that!! They say you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats animals but the same goes for women too. So glad you got your precious baby out of there and you guys are doing much better now!! God bless and best of luck! She's beautiful by the way! P.S. your moms boyfriend deserves to be kicked in the nuts every day for treating a defense less animal like that. Makes me sick :(
MissyofMissylandia -
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I agree with cpneale. Horrible boyfriend, should be treated the same way.

Your cat is beautiful. She does have the cross, so she is blessed and can bring you luck and happiness.
Natthecat -
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@Sara--You are brave and patient. I foresee a happier future for you and Festiva. I am glad you were able to bring this abused kitty around again. As for cats that like petting but not being held--tell me about it! She's a lovely tortie. Blow her a kiss from NYC.
barbie -
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She is beautiful. Good for you for caring for this special kitty.
BirmanMama -
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OMG what an awful, awful story. You are an ANGEL for protecting her and loving her and realizing at such a young age how important it is to care for those who are defenseless. That "boyfriend" of your mother's sounds like a monster. I hope she kicked him and threw him out on the street like he did to your lovely Festiva.
sara -
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and i can say she never left her boyfriend she still is with him to this very day
mrskitton -
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What a sad story....Im so glad you took good care of her :(
lisaboese -
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Poor, poor Festiva!!! So glad things are better now! Be patient, you may yet be able to tame her enough that she wants to be held-- --she's beautiful!!!

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