November 29, 2008
 black-and-white kitten
Photo Courtesy of and ©: koga

Comments and LOLs:
denise -
What an angel! Look at those little pink toes! :)
p -
this sweetheart looks like my kitty girl!!! I just love those teeny tiny claws!!!!!!!
Your kitten look`s just like the cat that lives under my house. how old is your kitten.
P.S you shold name it oreo.
Cat Heart -
Awwwww so tiny!! i agree, you should name it oreo!!1
hiyde -
so cute awwwwwwww i want one plzzzz. mommy
Michele -
What amazing coloring. I'm lovin' these random acts of kitteness!
Mushroom -
uh oh... epic hed splort in 3...2...1...
M & M -
Mine looked just like that when he was born, ssssoooooo handsome!
Ginny B -
Prescious Kitten! What a Sweet Face!
b -
Oooooooo pretty one!!
Terri -
very cute
i am looking for an all white kitten or a tortie

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