May 11, 2008
Comments and LOLs:
willow -
the baby looks so cute and the mom is snuggling it to make even more heartwarming!
Emilia -
tm -
too darn cute!
Rachel -
Look at it!!
Kazr -
What a precious Pic, such contentment!I WANT!
Jessica -
That mom is keeping that baby kitty warm. It is cute kitten and mom cat is cute too. and they both are adorable.
M & M -
This is absolutely the most special picture! Our Jazzy just had 5 little miracles 17 day's ago. Mama cat's are so loving & caring. Simply the BEST!
s -
awwwwh so cute!
Maureen -
Is there anything stronger than a mother's love for her baby???
Maureen -
bronze star pointsbronze star points
2 points
kitties just make me smile.
chocoluv -
black kitten points
213 points
This pic says it heartwarming!
charlie122 -
gold star pointsgold star pointsgold star partial points
58 points
cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute and cute
pjfedorkowicz -
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627 points
Madonna and Child For Christmas!
samantha -
silver star pointssilver star pointssilver star pointssilver star points
21 points

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