January 12, 2009
Catherine says: Cachou and his brother were born to Myrtille, one of my parents' cats. Cachou now belongs to my sister. His brother was given to a family friend.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: catherine.caf

Comments and LOLs:
shaungrl -
What great, glorious mushed faces of CUTE. *swoon*
Becky -
they are soooo tiny, adorable, sweet and cuddly!
paulajeanne -
I died. That wittle tongue! Too, too precious!
Boris K. -
pretty pretty kitties...........
Katherine -
Absolument trop chou - merveilleux chatons, superbes photos, bravo! Surtout celle où la maman lui fait des léchouilles.
lytefoot -
Oh my god! Those kittens are so cute, they look like they can't possibly by real!
basementcatsmum -
yes. omg adorable. so floofy
marc -
they are so cute, they look fake :-)
lover of cats -
Look at the cute little furballs! They are adorable!!
Rachel -
look at its little tongue!
Arcanne -
*hyperventilates* - eemposseebly cute ! - *tries to grab little French kitties from screen*

And lovely photography! Félicitations!
lala313 -
so.....cute!!! Their faces almost look human!!!!
henrytroi -
cute little balls of fluff! perfect!
Tiffany -
I'm in Love!!!
Barbara -
Oh they are all adorable :))))
brenda -
Perfectly precious !!!!!!!!! I love them !!!
brenda -
Perfectly precious !!!!!!!!!
Sarah -
What lovely little fluff-balls. They are so very cute!
Katy -
start your day with a cute kitty ;]

Jim Maney -
I found this website by mistake. I already knew of dailykitten.com but after reformatting my computer, and sort of deleting my bookmarks at the same time, I typed thedailykitten.com and found this! Love the pictures. They are big, clear and adorable. Thank You!
Suzi -
ooooooooooooooh my, It's so cute! *-*
Jess -
omg a kitty and totaro in the same picture! this really has made my day! :) thanks for the link katy!
Jaye -
These kitties are soooooo cute! I wish I could kiss em.
Mysan -
Omg they r just sooooo cute!!<3<3<3<3 I want them!! T^T thx for the link katy =D (LL)(LL)
Arianna -
ihih so cute...where is kitty P.??
Frenchiiie -
Awh.. I wanna kitty cat!
Camila -
so petty kitty ^-^
Ashley -
These are the sweetest things! Thank you, Katy!
Tomazius -
There are a lot of sweetest things, we need just to stop for a moment and look around us.
Thibs -
Okey, I'm a guy, kinda young(19), but still a guy, AND I'm usually more of a dog person (can't beat my maltese na-hu!)...What was I even doing here, one might ask? ^^ I was probably heading towards a deception by visiting this website...

But this! THIS!!!! THIS IS TOO MUCH CUTENESS!! And French cuteness too! (yes, I am too, bablabla...)

Anyways, I think I'm going to add this to my favs and from now on start every day with thedailykitten.com

BTW: Thanks to Katy for this address.
Maria -
Awww!I just can't stop "awwing"!!!
bex -
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D
Cathy -
Oooh!! Total, purr-fect cuteness! Thanks so much for sharing!
CyN -
OMG so cute!!!
thanxs katy p. for posting this on ur blog!
M & M -
That's just too much cuteness in one place!
George -
Please somebody tell me what breed this is? That is the cutest kitties I have seen yet! Makes me want to buy one!
Ginny B -
What Great Pictures! Cute and Adorable!
juany -
ay q lindos gatitos!!re divinos jeje
Fluffy -
So cute, so adorable, so delicious, so filling. Mmmm nom nom nom.
Bailey -
black kitten pointsblack kitten points
373 points
George, I think they're Persian kittens. So flippin' adorable!!!
anne.c -
michelle -
it is the cuttest kitten i have ever seen:) thanks for the link katy.
sTeVie. -
omg!!! i think those big headed kittis r the cuutest~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
michelle -
i love these pictures! i look at them every day and i have shoved them to all my friends:D hi hi
marc -
its been a few days now. i keep coming back to see these pics again. the cutest sights i have ever seen. ty for posting them
fizza -
i wan this cat
so cute
Vicki -
omg they are soooooooooo cute its a sin. I love cats so much.
Sam -
Please don't Declaw
Margaret -
Carme -
Fluffehs! I love cats, but am allergic to long-haird ones. I hope this baby is having the time of its life!!!
Cherry -
I love how he's always sticking his tongue out - it makes him look so haughty...but in the most adorable way possible.
Iri -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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More than CUTE!!!:x
it lets me speachless... gorgeous:X
b -
They are captivating!!
Jaay -
What breed of cat is this?
Jaay -
Hmmm I see now... hover over pic.
Sweet Junkie Girl -
Ur kittehs has teh cute!!!!!!!! ^^,
BSweet -
moomy -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
Why is his head so huge??? Perhaps some sort of mutation?
sdfkjjsdfjlsdf -
to moomy - it's not a mutation.. it's probably because it's either a close up picture or it's just fluff
babs -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
"Scuse me teecher I has question!"
Janice -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
(click to enlarge)
I can't even comprehend how adorable this cat is. My heart is exploding.
marc -
its been over a month now. i check this site every day becasue of the kitten lover i am. cachoo cant even be compared to. he is the cutest kitten i have ever seen. i LOVE his big fluffy head. his top pic is now the background for my computer screen. thank you again for posting him. he's just perfectly perfect. :-)
Ruthie -
He's head is big because he's a tiny baby baby, As he grows his body will get bigger. i think these are Persian Kittens
ethyl -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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now this is something i would say is so cute!!!!
cheeky902 -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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what are they doing boding?how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
courtney -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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he is adorable!
Karen M -
Kitten Comment Thumbnail
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Kissie kisses . So adorable, come live with me...
Karen M -
Hey! don't touch me..... I love this kittie
gdog -
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41 points
dol -
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81 points
i love his nappy chin fur! LOL
so adorable he's almost unreal!!!
tuna -
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206 points
so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natthecat -
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2000 points
All the photos are adorable, but Cachou here looks like a wise baby owl. Exquisite!
SaintLindsey -
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31 points
I'm in love with Cachou! Definitely saving him to my favorites.
chizzy -
OMG! Fluffy sweet baby with a Totoro. That is too much adorable in one picture!:D

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