Boots(red and white),Socks(black and white)  kitten
LonnieMorgan says: Boots was a kitten when we got him to keep our cat(Scooter) company,we adopted Boots for his playmate.Scooter passed away not long after,We adopted Socks to keep Boots company,they are mischievious boys,as you can see in the pic,they love to get on the roof of the garage.
Photo Courtesy of and ©: LonnieMorgan

Comments and LOLs:
Natthecat -
Nice shot. I can see that both your kitties have that independent streak. I won't say much about the wisdom of keeping them indoors--but cars and cats are a bad combo.
giovannaciurli -
=^.^=***** =^.^=*****
The Wonderful kittens Boots and Socks, are a set of four Delicious colors,they are Very Important in the same way,I do not have a favorite, I love them both!!!!!
I see you are Fearless and Curious over the roof,but I wonder....stand
outside the apartment,not' dangerous?? Excuse me! but I would fear for them....I'm so' Precious!!!!!!!!
Please.....More Photo!!!!!!!!!!
giovannaciurli -
=^.=^<2 LOLs************

Enough for today,I go.....puurrrrrrr
What are you doing?..
Are not you coming?...meowwww
go down,better in our house!..puurrr
ThaiCats101 -
i think that is hilarious that your cats climb the roof. My cat Snickers once did that. A new roof was getting put on our house, and so there were ladders stretching up to it. Snickers climbed one, got on the roof, walked up to a higher level where he could see somebody in a window, then slipped and fell off. He was ok, we thought he must be hurt, but he wasn't. He clearly had fun, because we had to babysit him all day making sure he didnt try again (he tried 7 times). Your kitties are precious! Keep them safe on that roof if they keep going up!
giovannaciurli -
@ ThaiCats101.......Never again'on the roof the kitty asanikers and'too precious! I really like it!
See you soon and Excuse!!!
giovannaciurli -
oops.....kitty Snickers.....
Excuse my bad English.....
Darcy -
Please take more photos of these mischievous boys so we can make clever LOLs about them!
lisaboese -
Yes, please, more pictures!!!
Karim -
adorable babies
mrcatman -
I agree with both Darcy and lisaboese.More pics of these big boys
JayPea -
Our Silvie loved to be on the roof, any roof. She would climb ladders, and if they ended on a roof, so much the better. My husband left the ladder up onto the house roof, and Silvie would climb up and run and run. It sounded like horses galloping and she only weighed about 7-8 lbs! I finally pitched a fit and my husband took the ladder down.
angeseePamb -
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Kittygirl8 -
OMG they 're crazy but so cute
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