December 21, 2012
minka  kitten
payton says: she scratches
Photo Courtesy of and ©: payton

Comments and LOLs:
purrlady -
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Minka is a little beauty!
If she scratches your hands, be sure to only use toys for playing, and not roughhouse with her using your hands. Cats can learn that hands are not toys. Feathers on a long string, or a long string on a stick - I call that 'fishing for kitties' and I always catch at least one!
Enjoy your gorgeous little Minka.
MissyofMissylandia -
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I am sure she only scratches, cause she is still very young. Kitties only learn to pull back their claws by their third months birthday. She is wonderful. I am sure she will learn not to scratch you if you do as @purrlady sugests.
Darcy -
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More photos, purr-lease! Do cats actually use scratching posts? Didn't know that kittens haven't learned to retract their claws during play.
giovannaciurli -
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=^.^=***** Minka and'even so' small, of course you scratching,just to play, they are small scratches, I think then will learn 'to retract its claws.......
She' a Beautiful little Treasure,very playful I guess......
There are more pictures of this Lovely little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
giovannaciurli -
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=^.^=***** LOLs..........

How ?..Goes'good and 'CHRISTMAS,
No scratches, more dry food for me ?...... OK ! puurrrrrrrrrrr
BirmanMama -
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Minka is a little darling. It really is easy to teach them not to scratch - the earlier you try the better. We have four "fully armed" cats and NONE of them scratch anything but their scratching posts & boards - of which there are many.
Natthecat -
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Cradle Minka against your chest instead of holding her out like an offering (very insecure for a kitty) and she won't scratch. If her bottom is supported she wlll love you more. She is very lovely, anyway.
KittyMom -
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Oh, my goodness... looks like my Icy when she was just a baby! Siamese babies are just the cutest and she has grown into the most beautiful cat.
mrskitton -
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What a cutie!
Symeezgurl -
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One of my meezers loves being carried, but ONLY if I cradle her back feet in my left hand and let her put her front feet over my right arm. In this way she will purr and purr and let me carry her all over the house like a baby!! I'm always careful to set her down and never let her jump from my arms. That way no one gets hurt!! Enjoy getting to know your new meezer and never let her bite or sratch. Always use a toy for play.
Symeezgurl -
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P.S. The older they get the more personality they have. Be kind, never tease or fight with the baby or you will accidentally raise an insecure cat. I've had 6 meezers since I was little and when I got a brother and sister I found them to be much better socialized as grown ups. A single meezer can grow up to be very territorial and posessive of you. The two I have now are friendly to everyone. ;) Good luck! You have a very special kitten.
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