January 27, 2016
sitifarrah says: Meet Hades. He's 3 months old..born with sight problem. He can only react/respond to light but not movement. He is the most adorable kitten in the house. loves cuddling. According to doctor, in 2 or 3 years time Hades will be losing his sight forever but I hope his sight will be fine and can see normal like other cats too.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: sitifarrah

Hades  kitten
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esikko -
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What a sweet fluff!
lisaboese -
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Aaaww, good luck to Hades-- --he is a sweetheart!!!
Sandi -
I have read about Cats having Companions as their seeing eye lead, is that a possibility for him? He is such a cute fluff ball !!!
Kitteh_Luv -
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elly -
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Aaaawww, such a bundle of fluff , love him !
Ozzie -
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Awww. Hades is so CUTE! Please take good care of him. Maybe adding more Taurine to his diet will help his eyesight.
CurtisDari -


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