December 30, 2008
futuna says: My neighbour here in Kuala Lumpur owns a cat named Pretty and Pretty's son Hiro. Hiro has snow-white fur and light-blue eyes. He likes to hide behind a bush or a chair and jump on you when you least expect it. He likes to play catch and run bit by bit to tease you so you can never really catch him. Hiro is playful and quite a prankster. Amazing cat.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: futuna

Comments and LOLs:
Laura "kitten" -
Look at those eyes! OMG, beautiful!!!
shaungrl -
*gasp* What stunning kittehs! The kit in the grass pic almost looks like a stuffed kit. Great pics.
b -
Hiro is nifty and his mom, Pretty is lovely!!
Dimora -
Absolutely gorgeous. Both of them!
Susan Maria -
They are pretty pretty pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julia -
I love cats with odd-coloured eyes! They are both gorgeous.
Linda -
One word: WOW! Gorgeous!
Ginny B -
What an Angel this Little One is! How Prescious!
Emma -
He is so adorable! I love his eyes!
snugglebunny -
his eyes are dreamy beautiful. and mom's eyes are fascinating. great pics. love me some kitties....
brenda -
You truly know you've seen angels when you see such breathtaking beings as these ! Thank you for sharing and God bless you -
kittapotomus -
Absolutely gorgeous. Both mom and son are beautiful!
lala313 -
Gorgeous!!! His mom's eyes are intriguing, to say the least!!! He looks like a lil' prankster!!!!
barbara -
Sue Murrieta -
The bar keeps going up on this site regarding the amazing photographs of beautiful kitties! I love looking at this site every day. Keep the pictures and stories coming!
Jaye -
Oh my stars! Those are two of the cutest cats I've ever seen. The momma reminds me of my sweet 14 year old who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Thanks for the beautiful pics!
Sophie -
You pix are fabulous. I do mean this. The ones where Hirosan is quietly catching some zzzzzzzS seem particularly suited to being framed for a wall pic. Heck, for a "cheap" holiday gift, you could even make "A Year of Hiro" calendar!
Seriously, the pix are good. Make be want to reach right through my screen and up Hiro and hug him and cuddle him.
Michele from Paris -
Hiro is my hero! I really like Hiro on the rocks; it has a zen ambiance.
Barbara -
They are both beautiful,and momma's eyes are very unique too :))))
Jackie -
This is my FAVORITE Daily Kitten ever!
Rachel -
o mi gosh dat is so cute it really is
Rachel -
and i mean it
Carme -
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She looks pissed!!! Did you take an unwanted picture? LOL, beautiful cats.
charo -
GORGEOUS!!!! Such beautiful eyes and fur! They are both two stunning creatures
destinee -
aww! so cute! i wish my cats were still kittens... but there still so cute! :)
Anthony -
He's beautiful. It's too bad that he's deaf, but he seems like quite the adorable scamp.
mash -
photoshop... def. photoshop.
kaitlyn dee -
i love kittens! OMFG it isso adorable!!! i couldnt resist looking at all the pictures! that is the most beautiful kitten ever! i love three cat colors black,butterscotch,and white! the eyes make it even cuter!!!!!
Erika -
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This makes me smile! Very cute...
Neko -
jackie -
beautiful kitten and mama! we had a cat like the mother, an odd-eyed white. rumour has it that they are deaf on the side with the blue eye.
mohamed -
so beautiful

super adorable
eileen -
WOW! I want one
Vic -
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That's a beautiful and cute shot. Unfortunately, blue-eyed white cats are often deaf.
freakquency -
adorable.also its mother is a turkish van
Hedelerden -
-adorable.also its mother is a turkish van
So is the baby
Or maybe Turkish Ankara, but I can never tell the difference.
mimi -
awwwwwww thats so cute! its mum has different colored eyes, maybe she had another kitten wiv brown eyes lol
:) -
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Love the blue eyes
Clare -
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Wow beautiful photo's and what a gorgeous kitten.
Caroline -
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How adorable : )
kathaz -
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oh ym godododododddd!!! this is what cat beauty is all about, seriously, the beauty in all cat is captured right here
BSweet -
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Mommy and Baby are soooo cute!
niki -
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is he deaf?
my cat is pure white with blue eyes and he is deaf, the vet told me that most cats with those colors are.
pterzw -
Shopped. Pixels are all wrong. I have seen many photoshopped pics so I can tell.
ane -
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it is cute
ane -
it is cute
Bridgette -
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so pretteh
Lene Dalsgaard -
He is so fine, but can he hear ?
ella -
Mike -
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katie -
omg those guys are adorable.
Behçet Akmansoy -
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These kind of cats live in Van city near Van Lake in eastern part of Anatolia of Turkiye. Their eyes are different coloured mostly green and blue. They have always snow white fury and called "Van Cat" in my country and they are the only one cat kind that likes swimming in the world.
JessiCars -
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Your kitty's going to have one green eye and one blue eye. I had 2 before that had this happen. It's so cool!
binkley -
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I am a graphic designer and I know photoshop (I know someone on every board with a nice picture always has to say photoshopped) but to get eyes like this in photoshop would be incredibly time consuming and to do it for that many pictures would be a pain in the butt when the picture would look fantastic with any color eyes.
Randi Dawn -
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WOW. OMG what a pic!
Jackie (genetics student) -
Although these Kit's are beautiful, lovely, and admirable. It makes me sad to think they may be def due to the same genetic make-up that gives them their beautiful white fur and crytal blue eyes.
veda -
he is soo cute and i love his moms eyes
May -
Beautiful. Just extrodinary. These kittens are just adorable.
lili -
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extremly cute!!!
lijo -
So cute.....
Sarah -
Wow. I'm speechless. Heartwarming and gorgeous.
DeatToAllKitties -
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You People Make Me Sick!
Dylan -
You Make Me Sick! Kitties are the bomb and they are awesome.
Butch -
Dylan's right, man.
Misty -
Kitties are the bomb.

Dylan, stay away from Butch's van...
Mica -
Stunning eyes on mums and cute as buttons is Hiro, nice photos all round!
Dirk -
Wow, that kitten is realy nice. I have a black one - just black. if the sun shines on him, his black colour turns into deep blue.

Best regards
kath -
wot a gorgeous kitten.also mom
Ian -
>>adorable.also its mother is a turkish van
>So is the baby
>Or maybe Turkish Ankara, but I can never tell the difference.

You mean the Turkish Angora

Actually the Turkish Van is White/Orange and more stockier than the Angora which is a more sleeker body with a bushier tail. The Angora typically has a longer body than most regular house cats being an inch or two longer between the shoulders and hips (My cat Chiquita when at full stretch from tail to from paw runs a full 43 inches long).

The Angora typically has eyes of different colours normally one blue and one orange though occaisionally you can get them with a greeny-yellow colour. The breed does have a high proportion of deafness in kittens compared to other breeds and is linked to the different coloured eyes.

A very beautiful cat that gets very fluffy in the winter
heatherlace -
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the older cat, im assuming the mother, has beautiful eyes. i love the mismatched eyes!
Stormy T -
i now know why people want to clone kittehs. My goodness these babies are so beautiful and good natured.
Runa -
Lizabeth -
Awwww these pictures are sooooooo amazing! Probably the cutest kitten ever, although I probably say that about every single kitten I see :)
YaoiFreak -
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this cat is too cute!!!
Sherri in Ark. -
Absolutely beautiful!
JoAnn =^..^= -
Wow!!!! Those were some absolutely lovely pics of 2 totally white cats with unique eye colors!!! The baby kitty has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!! Love 'em... JoAnn =^..^=
Helen -
These cats are truly beautiful. I have heard that white cats with blue eyes are sometimes deaf. I wonder if this is true of these beauties.
Dr. Jenna -
This kitten is deaf, pure white animals with blue eyes tend to have a genetic disability of deafness
gattina -
hello!I'm italian...hiro is very nice,but its mother makes impression me...
whitney -
very beautiful cats! awesome photography too!
courtney -
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OMG! the mom is so beautiful! i can see were the kitten gets his good looks from!
Alice -
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Very cute kitty
Caillie -
Gosssh, I love it, they are so so cute! I wish I could have one.
Vaishali -
All Cats Are So Sweetttttttt LIke Meeeeee
Rakhi -
Sweet Sweet cats..............
Mumma and baby are so a white snow in bright sun.........
I am became So much Happy to see them.........
Rakhi -
Thanks a lot for sweet sanps.
Rons -
very cute... like some1 special.....
Wicked cute ! -
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i love it I wish I could get another kitty !
suzie -
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you are so cute kitty..
you must be smell good...
Rajan -
So Pretty and Sweet.....Really GORGEOUS!!!!
futuna -
hi everyone,

im futuna the photographer. there were some concerns over the photos being photoshop. yes i did use photoshop, only to correct exposure and levels. any digital photographer would. as for the colours, they are all REAL. REAL. if you don't believe me, than thats too bad.

just accept the fact there are really beautiful cats out there, kapish? =D

is great to know that people are enjoying the photos. thanks everyone.
hope -
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i love them awwwww so cute
Shraddha -
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Oh My goodness!!
Is he REAL??!!
Meggie & Piper -
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aww....look at pretty kitties...HOW CUTE!
charlie -
Awwww super super cuteeeee sooo cutteeeee awwwww ong omg omg!!!!! i want it i want it sooo cutteee i want it.
Hunter G -
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these are amazing! they look like a professional took commenting on this one, but i mean all of them. just stunning.
Stacey -
Never mind Hiro (although he's gorgeous), look at Pretty's eyes! They're beautiful.
Caitieboo -
His mommy looks like my old kitty! Soooo beautiful :)
B -
Oh wow
STUNNING eyes on both mom and son!!
Beautiful cats!
Pet Child -
So, sooo cute!
I'm just obcessed to animal rights like adopting the big ones, but sure love to look at babies!
:) -
aww there so cute. are they blind or deaf?
usually all cats that have blue eyes, and white fur are blind a deaf.
docsquid -
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So beautiful, such a lovely name too.
MissyofMissylandia -
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Wow, what beauties. What kind of cats are these? Gorgeous
Natthecat -
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Sometimes we get TMI--these kitties are a joy and so beautiful. Can't we just enjoy them?
Malice -
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11 points

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