January 21, 2009
organicpixel says: Strummer (named after musician Joe Strummer) was essentially a feral kitten born in my husband's parents' backyard. Like his litter mates, he had come to trust and rely on human interaction for food and attention. Being a friendly, affectionate and very personable orange tabby, he would shadow anyone who visited him outside. Eventually this little guy won over my husband's heart and he brought Strummer home to join our feline family. Strummer has a consistently happy and curious personality and is quite a talker who regularly communicates with a multitude of sounds and expressions. He loves playing or napping in boxes and baskets and is a very cooperative mode for photos.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: organicpixel

Comments and LOLs:
astevens -
I'm a little partial, but he's even more adorable now, omg, hehe.
Marileen -
His eyes are extremely cute, so awake and eager to explore the word. Adorable!
Decca -
What a photogenic kitty! Love the poses, the eyes, and that adorable pink nose. Plus the perfect "M" on his forehead.
Sabine -
very very cute.

I love him :-)
Melynda-linda -
I love Stummer's big kitten green eyes against his soft red kitten fur!
MC -
what a cute little face, so curious so alert!
katy cat -
Cutie!! <3 <3 <3
Becky P. -
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I can see why your husband fell in love with this beautiful little charmer! All of his pictures are very adorable!!
catdany -
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so sweet, it seems like a chantilly and honey candy!
Becca W -
ssssoooooooo cute!!!! dont you just luvvvv cats + kittens
april -
so photogenic!! What a dollbaby!
Grace -
He's so photogenic !!!!!!!!
Rachel -
aww!so cute
John P -
What a cute kitty, a feral cat brought into a home- Uncle Joe [Strummer] would be proud
lala313 -
LOL!!!.... I just noticed the "M" on his forehead... He's quite the charmer!!! Too cute.
PhotobearSam -
He is precious...Love the Orange tabbies but this one is a step above most...Too cute.
henrytroi -
what a poser! i love him!
Barbara -
Oh he is beautiful,and the pictures are great too :)
Maria Izabella -
OMG' he is so cute,so photogenic!

i loved!
Birman Mama -
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What a beautiful baby!
Bethyy -
He is so cute! He looks just like mine! Is it free to become a member and upload photos? Because I'd LOVE to show my cat, Tiger. x
ghada.S -
He is so cute.He looks like my sister cat.I love him
sweetkitten -
amazing creatures!!!! gorgeous! thanks for the pics! it really lightened up my day!!! :D xoxo
Auriga -
What gorgeous brown eyes!
lovinkat -
Such lovely pictures of a truly adorable cat. I don't think I've ever seen such a photogenic cat before. He looks so calm and happy. What a dear little guy! Thank you.
Misha & Yoshi -
OMG he is adorable!!
Michele from Paris -
OMG, what a cute feral feline!
M & M -
What a special lil', furry feline. Perfect! No matter what color they are, all cat's, & kitten's are miracles!
M & M -
This picture is so very up close and beautiful.
M & M -
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Carolyn -
Oh, how handsome he is! Fortunate kitty, to become a housecat! Love his little white "mittens" too.
debbie -
omg, white feet! so cute!
My cat also has white feet.It reminds me of him. How cute
-----------o--------------------o ----
Sophie -
Such a handsome marmalade kitteh.

Today, I had to make the decision to euthanize my marmie, Dorothy. I sometimes call her a "saddleback orange cat", because that color frames her back and sides like a saddle; from under her chin to her belly and nether regions, she is all white.

Her *final* appointment is tomorrow at 2 p.m. She has kidney disease. I am not sobby, just bummed. Not to harsh your magnificent rescue. I like the punk reference in "Strummer"s name.
Jackie -
What a handsome boy!! I love the pic with his red toy
Bailey -
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Very good choice to keep him !!!!!!!! He's a keeper !!!!!
Bailey -
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Oh and.... this one!
vampires12 -
soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!
josh -
that little guy could easily be my kitty. same stripes, coloration, mittens... super adorable!
swimmer -
I love his little mittens! A very cute and photogenic kitten. I want to hug him!
Ruby -
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He LOOKS like a Strummer here - perfect name, perfect kitty!
summerbloomz -
Congrats!! He is the CUTEST!!
Fred -
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My DREAM kitty! :-)
Jessica -
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Absolutely adorable! I love tabby cats. :D
Rachii -
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such a priceless picture
just adorable!!
b -
He is such a sweetheart!!
alliepus and kerry and abby -
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omggg i love this pic...reminds me of my boyfriend quinnn adn cocca
absizakittylover -
those are the most honest eyes ive ever seen. kitties make me know that there is good out in the world during a time of war. thank you these are going as my desktop background right away!
betty -
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strummer is alot my gold tabby the marking are very much like mine...Outside in the sun they look lighter almost a tan coloring...Love your choice very nice kittes the gold tabby's and very popular with most people the markings are very pleasing to the eye...Strummer is beautiful and like to have his picture taken I see LOL ty vm nice picture
Barbara -
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Absolutely adorable--I want to kiss his little nose!!

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