April 17, 2017
Allan says: This is a margay (Felis wiedii or Leopardus wiedii). Her mother was killed by hunters (unfortunately this is yet quite frequent nowadays in Brazil) and the kitten came to my house as a kind of "gift" by a friend that didn't have the knowhow with wild cats. Margays learn everything from their mothers in the first year of life, and without this knowledge, it's impossible for them to live in the jungle, would die by hunger or hunted by animals like the fox. So it remains completely dependent on human care for keeping alive. It is like most kittens, very funny, loves playing with toy mice, eat premium food for kittens, but is yet a little angry and doesn't like to be touched. I'm looking for a zoo with other margays. This will hurt too much my heart, but is the right thing to do. These animals are very rare, and all effort to breed these animals in captive is very important and commendable.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Allan Filgueira

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Golfergirl55 -
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Wow!! Thank you for making sure this little one survives.
mma -
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Such a special beauty but a wild animal. I hope that he/she finds happiness with others in a zoo. I'm sure it made your heart full of happiness to meet this little one.
kittysmama -
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beautiful wild baby. certainly am praying you will find a reputable zoo for this margay cat. conservation is so important.
judymack812 -
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This is a shame that people will shoot them. God bless you for caring and doing the right thing for this baby
A Walkaway -
You might be able to visit him at the zoo, and know he's still alive and doing OK. My brother and I rescued two otter pups who were injured in a fire - one didn't make it, but the other did. The Norfolk (Virginia) Zoo had the survivor for years, and it was quite thrilling to learn that it had survived and had a long and happy life. That might be the case for this one... and who knows, it might remember your kindness in the future!
Natthecat -
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Thank you, #A Walkaway, and Allan, for this touching post.
TigerPJ -
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She is gorgeous. I pray that you find and wonderful zoo where she can thrive and be happy. Some thoughtless person took her mother from her and my heart aches because of that. Do well, sweetie. I'll be thinking about you!! xo
MimiClacla -
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Thanks for saving him .....

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