October 10, 2018
Alexandra says: Jax and Sia are our beautiful Devon Rex kittens. They are now about 19 weeks old and we just love them. Insatiably curious, they have boundless energy and lively personalities. Jax, the little boy, is the black kitten. He has a thing for running water. As soon as a tap turns on anywhere, there he is ready to play. Sia, the little silver grey tabby girl, has a paper fetish. When we get home there is usually shredded paper scattered around. Having had Devons previously, we decided these two were not going to rule the home or us, that we would be firm. That didn't last long!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Alexandra McCormick
Please visit Alexandra's Web site to see more of her beautiful photography

Comments and LOLs:
Natthecat -
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They are startling little devils! But, once I get used to their Devon Rex looks, they are most appealing kittens.
Enjoy their antics.

mystera -
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the funniest about their look - to me - is their old grumpy man wrinkled head... what always gets me most though are the missing whiskers... my first thought always is "awe poor baby what happened!" when I see that... so... I guess one of those lovelies would just have to live with me hugging it until I fall asleep from sheer hugging-exhaustion :D
crashnandicoot -
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mmmmmm! They're wonderful! I want to kiss their skin! I know how soft and snuggly they would be, because they would want your body warmth! I love them!! And they look Super Smart!
suzjoy -
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I wanna scratch those ears!! Enjoy them!
judymack812 -
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I picked this picture because they're both adorable some people don't care for Devon Rick's I think they're just so cute with their big ears
kittysmama -
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hello to everyone, they seem to be saying
TigerPJ -
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Your write-up about your precious babies made me laugh. The seemingly best plans seem to go awry with that much cuteness! xo xo
MomcatSooma -
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Oh my. I am head-over-heels in love with Jax & Sia! Beautiful little soft babies!

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