March 17, 2020
Michelle says: At the same time that we were fostering Petey, Muffin, and Sammy, we also had in residence two foster siblings from a different litter. Pixel was all black and -- as is the case with almost all of the fostered kittens -- found a loving forever home.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Michelle Peters Spivack
Michelle volunteers for 13th St. Cat Rescue, IBOK Rescue, and Paws for SJACS in San Jose, CA

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Natthecat -
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I had a Pixel, too, and I named him for this one. I still mourn him. He was so lively and such a mischief maker, but he had a white half belly and a white flash on his neck. The shape of black cats is so beautiful. Nothing compares.
katzenmother -
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Looks like such a sweet baby. Love black kittens to pieces:)
txmomlovell -
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looks like a sweet kitty
TigerPJ -
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Pixel is a fun and curious little guy. I am pleased he has a loving home. Have a happy life precious.
judymack812 -
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Oh he is so cute! Darling little Pixel. I hope Pixel is having a very happy life!
LindaG -
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This is just too cute!!!!! Love it. Years ago when I went to look for my first cat, I wanted a black, short-haired female, and what did I come home with but a white, long-haired male! :-) His personality drew everyone to his cage, so I made haste to look into adopting him.
Stonewall -
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Pixel has the allure of all black kittens. The eyes stand out with brilliance and the coat seems to sparkle.
I have had the honor to have shared in the lives of three Black Kittens in my time to date; one of whom is still with us , God bless her, and two have crossed the bridge at 17 & 19 years respectively. I miss them every day. I do pray that Pixel will live just as long or longer.
kittysmama -
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sweet sweet black kitty

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