March 24, 2020
Megan says: Hydrox (or as I like to call her "Cookie Face" or "Cookie") is a beautiful charcoal Bengal kitten. She is the softest cat I have ever touched. We got Hydrox in September to keep Wyatt company, because we felt bad leaving him alone. We got Hydrox from Pocket Leopard Bengals in Sacramento. She was the only kitten left from her litter. No one had adopted her because when anyone would come to see her she would hide. I thought she was sweet and the prettiest kitten I had ever seen, so we took her home. At first, Hydrox wouldn't let us come near her and she would only play with Wyatt. But soon, as she came to know us, she became the sweetest cat. She loves being petted and will follow me around the house until I bend down to pet her. Her favorite thing is having her tummy rubbed. Being a Bengal, she is also very playful. She is a fantastic runner, jumper, and climber. She she can jump four feet into the air and catch a toy in her mouth. She is also constantly trying to climb my walls!

Wyatt and Hydrox get along great. Hydrox loves Wyatt and is constantly in his business. If he is sleeping in a box, then she climbs on top of him to sleep with him; if he is sitting on the refridgerator, she wants to be sitting on the fridge; if he is sitting with us, then she wants to be sitting with us. If he isn't in the room with her then, she chirps until he comes to see her. Wyatt loves having someone to play with. He will stalk and then attack her, then they chase each other around the house until they get tired and take a nap.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Megan Connolly
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katzenmother -
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The dynamic duo together:) Rough and ready Wyatt needs a Bengal kitten just to keep up with him. These two kits would be entertaining and a half with their antics. May they lead a long and happy life together:)
Natthecat -
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Perfect pairing, Hydrox and Wyatt! Many of these kitties are new to me, b/c I was in the hospital after a severe concussion for 2 months. The only access we had was to Trump's campaign! Those were the days!
txmomlovell -
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beautiful cat
LindaG -
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What? No, I'm not strangling her. Just grabbing her f9r a kiss. Really.
TigerPJ -
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Hydrox is beautiful...
Stonewall -
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WoW! Hydrox has the clearest most outstanding gorgeous markings I've ever seen outside of Savannahs.
The energy output and speed of Bengal Kitties is amazing!
You folks will need all the rest you can get. (and it won't be much)
Good luck and have great fun with these two
mma -
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Hydrox resting up for the next romp with Wyatt.

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