May 21, 2020
John says: My girlfriend and I regularly foster kittens for Panora P.E.T.S. here in Iowa, and Spike was one of our foster kittens a couple of years ago. He is still living with us, as he decided he needed to be part of our family -- currently eight cats, an old red Doberman, and a big Angora bunny. Oh, yes, and two people too! Spike has just turned two years old and is still every bit as cute and kittenish as he ever was. He loves his crinkle ball and playing the "under the door" game with the other cats. Ambushing people from under the stairs is another favourite game. He has one of the smiliest faces I have ever seen on a cat, and he waves his tail about, almost as if he were a dog.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: John Gibney
To see more of John's gorgeous photography and learn a bit about life in Iowa, please visit his blog

Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
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Want to give him a kiss so bad:) He is an adorable kitten that I’m sure grew into a handsome stud muffin:)
Natthecat -
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Yes! What a face on this stud muffin, #katzenmother! Funny and lovely, in a big pet family. Sure he never goes unnoticed! SPIKE!
txmomlovell -
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sweet face
kittysmama -
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what a curious inquisitive face on spike sure he still gets into mischief with the other residents
judymack812 -
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Could not help but pick this picture because he looks like he swallowed a lemon or is trying to grin and be a little rough guy. So adorable! I can see why you kept him.
Stonewall -
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I recall this little munchkin from his last appearance here.
Looks like he's grown into a wonderful boy with all the attributes of real winner.(including the ambushes)
Live long and well in your diverse fur community Spike.

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