Larry says: We have a small, home-based rescue in Chenango County, NY, called Little Mews. Any kitten we take in who isn't adopted has a home here until they are adopted. We do place some adult cats as well.

One day we received a call from a lady who had taken a tortie mother and her two kittens from the original owner. The tortie was unspayed and was thrown out of the house when she came into heat because she was very vocal. Of course she was bred and then let back into the house because she was quiet. Once they found out she was pregnant things turned bad for her again. They figured if they starved her that would help their situation. The kittens wound up being born anyway. The original owners -- I hate to call them people -- were going to drown them. That's when the lady we got them from stepped in. She wasn't able to keep them but got our name from an acquaintance. Of course we took them all in right away and began caring for them.

The tortie mom came with the name Indica. The grey kitten was a very sweet and beautiful little girl. We helped Indica raise her and when she was old enough, we found a forever home for with a very nice lady who lost her previous cats in a divorce. The new owner named her Zoey. She had all sorts of new toys waiting for Zoey's arrival.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Larry O.
Little Mews in Chenango County, NY, has cats and kittens in need of forever homes
Please visit their Web site to see how you can help

A Tortie Mom's Grey Kitten [5]  kitten
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katzenmother -
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Looks like we have a recent rerun here. Zoey is a real cutie so I don’t mind. What kitten can resist a ball. She is such a cutie and I‘ll bet a beautiful grown up girl now:)
txmomlovell -
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123 points
is that me?
TortiMom -
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282 points
Such a sweet little face!
judymack812 -
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Well hello again my sweet little grey kitten! Didn't I see you last week? That's okay i still love your cute little self.
Natthecat -
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Oh Zoey! Glad you are back. Ready to take you to NYC, whenever you like.

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