November 24, 2020
Laima says: This kitty’s life has started unsuccessfully -- he and his brother were left near my cousin’s car. Nobody knows who and why left these kittens there. They were as small as they even were blind. My cousin took care about them. Unfortunately one of them didn’t survive. But this one was fighting for his life strongly and here he is!!! With sad past and brilliant future, because everybody loves him and takes care of him so much!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Laima Drukneryte
Laima is a professional photographer based in Lithuania with a beautiful portfolio on her Web site in addition to her many gorgeous photo sets on Flickr
And please visit Laima's Facebook page and become a fan!

Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
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So glad this baby made it! He is cute as a bug and so sweet. Am very sorry about his sibling yet at least this kitten made it. Give him a belly rub for me:)
Natthecat -
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A golden baby and a survivor! He creates love all around him, care, and protection--the way special kittens can do. May he enjoy his life. Not sure he is still blind. He looks so intent.
KathyF -
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He is beautiful!!
Milliesmom -
Natthecat, I think she meant their eyes weren't open yet.
TortiMom -
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Precious little survivor. Such a beautiful color.
judymack812 -
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I love this golden boy! He has the sweetest little face. I am glad he made it and sorry about his sibling but since he has no name I think he may be the neiborhood cat. Wish someone took him in.
texasmom -
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looks so sweet
KatvVonV -
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Looking back at a bad start, but a happy future for you I hope.
kittysmama -
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beautiful orange boy
mma -
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You are such a gorgeous ginger kitten; I hope you find many fun and playful times in your future.
Stonewall -
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I think she meant the eyes hadn't opened at the point first observed. I sure hope that was the meaning.
The first two photos look to be indoor shots but all the rest outside. I cannot imagine anyone discovering a truly blind kitten and just leaving him outdoors in the care of the "Neighborhood.
All of these observations aside
What really depresses me is that it seems not one person has undertaken the love and care of this wee guy.
Hereabouts we would be fighting each other for the opportunity!

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