October 25, 2021
Eva says: My foster kitten Lucas stepped in his poop. He was bathed in pet shampoo Mango Tango. He did not make a peep but trembled like a leaf. He was towel dried, blow dried, and hugged. He snuggled and purred himself to sleep. When he woke he completely forgot his traumatic experience. Alas he smelled like mango tango!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: eva101
Please consider helping these New York-area rescue groups in any way you can: City Critters,
Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, Empty Cages Collective, Humane Society of New York

Comments and LOLs:
katzenmother -
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An adorable purrito:)
KC -
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Poor baby - they hate baths :-)
txmomlovell -
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judymack812 -
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Awww poor little Lucas! He is scared but he will survive.
KatvVonV -
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I hope Lucas NEVER steps in his poop again! He sure was scared but I am glad he forgot about it once he had a nice lie down.
IvyGirl -
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How cute. He says "Thank goodness that is over." LOL

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