November 20, 2021
Emily says: Mojo is quite an adventurous kitten. Even from the beginning when I first adopted him from the SPCA animal shelter in Dublin he wasn't afraid of anything. As I brought him home in the car, I peeked into the cat-carrier box and he looked so aware of his surroundings, not skittish like I had expected him to be. The first time I took him out into the backyard, he walked across the grass careful with each step, as if he didn't know what to think of this strange stuff. A few trips later his natural instinct clicked on and he fell in love with the outside world. Mojo will run around in the backyard for hours, chasing bugs, running through the flowers (I think he is convinced that he is really a black panther), and just getting into mischievous kitten things. When Mojo is indoors, he switches from wild hunter to loyal companion. He and my dog, Indi, will give each other kisses and cuddle on the dog bed. When I am eating a snack, Mojo and Indi sit side by side and beg for my food. At night, Mojo lays on my head, or sprawled across my neck, purring loudly until he falls asleep.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Emily K.

Mojo [6]  kitten
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OpheliasMom -
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Mojo's got it right! He's a stunning little black panther making the very best of his inside and outside worlds. May both of your furbabies live long, healthy, happy lives...
KC -
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Perfect pair :-) Mojo is a gorgeous minipanther.
KatvVonV -
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Mojo is answering the call of the wild. I hope he is safe in your garden. He is a little furry black jewel of a kitten,
judymack812 -
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Love this picture of Mojo and Indi! They look so happy together
Stonewall -
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Just look at the picture of Mojo & Indi. Man these two are going to be plotting mischief together in no time.
But unless I miss my guess, Mojo will be the ring leader.
I do believe you've had some fun times with these two.

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