January 10, 2022
Pascale says: At home here in France I have three cats: Pistachio, a Siamese Thai; Nougat, a white Persian silver; and Praline, a Birman. I have always lived with cats and I cannot imagine living without their presence beside me. Many people asked me to allow Nougat, my male Persian, to breed with their cats, but Persians aren't good breeders and after many unsuccessful attempts, I stopped trying to breed him. I also attempted once to breed Praline, but when I put her in contact with a male Birman outside the house, she stopped eating and cowered in a corner and was so unhappy that I never wanted to try again. I just thought, too bad she will not have any babies... So Nougat and Praline lived quietly together, and then what happened? Cookie arrived! Cookie was born in August 2008 while I was on vacation. I wanted to keep him at home, but as I had promised him as a gift to my friend and colleague, I had to let him go at three months of age. I often have the opportunity to review his progress as I see my friend every day. He was a lovely kitten and has became a wonderful young cat.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: home77_Pascale

Cookie [6]  kitten
Cookie [6]  kitten
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Neko_God -
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awhh it's so cute!!!
txmomlovell -
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beautiful blue eyes
KC -
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Nougat est très beau et la petite Cookie trop mimi :-) Difficile de choisir la photo préférée!
judymack812 -
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What a beautiful baby! Mama wanted to pick her own mate. I could eat that Cookie all up!!!
Stonewall -
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Another gorgeous soft fur baby.
Only awake here for half an hour, and already the day is improving quickly.
Thank You so much Cookie. "You da best"
Redgardencat -
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SO precious!
KatvVonV -
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Oh Cookie, you are so beautiful. I want to hug and pat you and I am glad you have good home.

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