May 5, 2022
Sara says: My Lucy is part ragdoll and part Persian. My brother Michael and his girlfriend Zahn got her for me after my kitty Mae was run over. Lucy follows me everywhere.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Sara

Comments and LOLs:
KC -
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What a beauty! Please don't let her go outside and get run over like the first one.
judymack812 -
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Well aren't you adorable?
KatVonV -
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Lucy has such an expressive face. I hope she stays out of the street. She is a pretty little girl and must be lots of fun.
Stonewall -
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What can I say she is Iconic! and pretty. "I LOVE LUCY" And yes, I'm very much aware it has been said before.
txmomlovell -
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looks like a sweetie

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