May 11, 2022
Kelly says: Scout was found wandering around underneath my sister's car. Apparently he had somehow gotten up under her car and rode like that for about 20 minutes before she arrived home and found him. She felt very sorry for him because he wanted to be indoors so badly. She told me he would hang on the screen door and cry. This wasn't long after I'd lost my cat Brandy. I'd had her since I was nine and she lived to be 18. I loved her very much and I was uncertain about getting another cat. But when my sister told me about this little guy, I caved.

He came to me all flea-bitten and with ear mites (which were quickly taken care of), and he tore through the house like a little gray devil. He didn't like being petted or picked up and refused to sit on my lap. Brandy, on the other hand, had been very sedate and affectionate. At first, I wasn't sure if this was going to work out. But Scout still lives with me in my apartment. He is an amazing jumper and sometimes does back flips off the sloped ceiling when chasing a laser beam. His other favorite pastimes include shredding paper, knocking things off of tables, and refusing to do anything I say. He still hates being picked up or held, but he does sleep every night at the foot of my bed and sometimes he lets me pet him for more than a second. Scout is a little bit of a monster, but he makes me laugh and keeps me company, and I do love him.

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Kelly

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KC -
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what a little doll- these close-ups are particularly wonderful :-)
txmomlovell -
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has a sweet face
judymack812 -
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What a cute little face! He loves you and when he gets older will be more of a cuddler.
KatVonV -
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Scout has plenty of personality Here his is impersonating Mick Jager. What a fun kitty he must be.
Stonewall -
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Sometimes a Kitten will keep the close up cuddles for a ways down the road .
I think they spend as much time as we do figuring out "Is this working?" They usually find they do want the touches in time.

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