October 15, 2016
GrabHer says: Oreo: A neighbor gave me Oreo. A few weeks after she was born, she was abandoned and left for dead in the middle of a busy highway. Thankfully, the neighbor rescued her.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: GrabHer

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lisaboese -
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Oh, poor kitty!!! So, so glad your neighbor rescued her and that she found a furrever home!!! She is beautiful!!
Natthecat -
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Cat murder at a distance. What is the psychology of that? Thankfully, Oreo got a second chance with neighborly help and yours.
weathercats -
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so pretty
MissyRosler -
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Yeah, I can't understand how people can be so cruel to another living thing... Glad she found your neighbor and you!
Gabby -
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Sweet Oreo - living the life!!! Cheers to your neighbor and to you!!!!
Laovey -
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