May 31, 2013
sara says: this is my cat tyegris she resently was put down do to bad hipps and was getting sick, she was a very wounderful cat and i miss her so much, she had a nother page so it says tyegris 2, she was only im going to say 3 years old, i always thought she would die from cancer, because her mom had cancer
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: sara

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purrlady -
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What a look of contentment! Thanks to you, Tyegris enjoyed lots of love in her too-short life. It's so hard to say goodbye to such a loving friend as Tyegris. My condolences on your loss.
barbie -
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She looked like a sweetheart. I know that you really miss her.
sara -
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she will always be missed she was a wounderful cat that loved to give kisses
MissyofMissylandia -
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I am so sorry she had to go so early. She is now flying around watching over you. She was truly a wonderful fur.
KittyKathryn -
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Hollyfsu -
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What a gorgeous kitty! I am sorry that she has passed, but now she is not in pain anymore. I'm glad that she had a great home for her life! Thanks for sharing the pictures of her!

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