Tante Bluhme says: Yummy Yafo was sold to a Swedish breeder called S*Rapooms. He lives in a small place called Kolsva near Västerås. Yafo was sold as a pet and for shows and is now also a father to some litters. He is a really sweet and social boy with a very good temper.

Galadriel's Kittens: Max
Galadriel's Kittens: Shaggy

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Tante Bluhme
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Comments and LOLs:
Sandi -
It was too hard to pick a favorite picture as they all were fantastic !!! Beautiful litter of kittens,and awesome photography !!!
mma -
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Yafo is a beauty
GingersMom -
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I love how the photos show him growing up from an itty bitty baby to a grown boy. He's a cutie!
katzenmother -
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I too had a hard time picking a favorite of his little fella. Such a beautiful kitten with such a sweet face. May all his kittens have the same mellow temperment.
elly -
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He earns his name ( yafo meaning beautiful)
Golfergirl55 -
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Agree - all the pics are GREAT! What a beautiful boy!!!!!
Nefenjo -
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I'm thoroughly confused how he was sold "as a pet" and "also fathers some litters." In all the research I've done for buying a kitten from a breeder (personally, I've always adopted from families looking to rehome kittens, but just once, I would like a purebred kitten), kittens sold specifically as pets have a spay/neuter agreement. Kittens sold to another breeder wouldn't have that agreement, but they would cost more.
LindaG -
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Just perfection!
jezebel1490 -
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He truly is a beauty but not only did you breed him for profit but you sold him and now some other guy is making a profit? This sickens me - please stop if you truly care about cats.
kibblegirl -
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Poor Yafo, I hope that I do not have to see any more of the kittens. Makes me sick too, I agree with jezebel 1490.
judymack812 -
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Yafo is indeed beautiful and this is his third showing so I am sure he is a big boy now and has spawned many kittens. I am sad about that. I do love the breed but I don't love the breeding for sale or show (cats or dogs).....
Smooch -
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A lovely kitten. I don't know how you could part with them. All my cats came from rescue shelters and I could never sell one, I love them too much.

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