January 10, 2009
Cynthia Freeland (Philosopher Queen) says: My neighbor rang my doorbell one night and had in her arms a mama cat and kitten that had been trying to find shelter under her house. She has two big dogs and knows I'm a cat person so she brought them over to me. I gave some food to Mama, who was ravenous, and put them in my laundry room. Baby Socks, as my neighbor called him, kept screaming the most piercing meows. It was hard to believe that anything so tiny could emit such loud, piercing, piteous wails! When I checked on them later I was so happy to find Mama relaxing and feeding little Socks.

The next day plot thickened. I learned from my friend at the local county animal control of two new kittens in need of bottle feeding. I thought maybe I could get mama kitty to adopt them, so I drove 40 miles each way to pick them up. I brought these TINY newborns into the house, and after about 20 seconds of sniffing Mama accepted them and began happily nursing all the babies. What a lovely lady. I decided to call her Sylvie because I felt she needed an elegant French name. :-) I hoped I could find her a good home.

Sylvie, her son Socks, and adopted sons Itsy and Bitsy became a family. The laundry basket was a good holding pen for the kittens and they seemed to feel comfortable and safe in it. One morning I found Socks out of the laundry basket, running around, trying to tear up a loose piece of paper towel. In the next few weeks he turned into quite a comical little adventurer, full of mischief and desperate to play with his little brothers or his mother. But Sylvie was just annoyed by his jumping on her head and often batted him away, and the little ones were too small and frail to play. So I tried to divert his attention and keep him entertained. He cracked me up, running around in uncoordinated bursts of energy and chasing his toys. One day I found a small basket unused in a closet and had an intuition that Socks might like it. Boy was that right -- he was one wild and crazy guy playing in (and out and under) it!

Itsy and Bitsy started developing into fun little kittens -- boisterous Itsy with his darling round body and head and tummy spots, and Bitsy with his darker, fluffier face and sweet, shy nature. Socks was constantly trying to get Mama, Itsy, and Bitsy to play with him. Sometimes Mama played but, being still young herself, she could get a bit rough. So Socks more often played with little Itsy, repeatedly knocking him down while Itsy batted away at Socks. It was hilarious to watch. Itsy was a fighter and Bitsy was a lover.

One day I went to a party at work and one of our graduate students, Wade, told me he was interested in adopting Socks. He came to visit, met my house guests, and the deal was done. When it was time for Socks to go, I sent his purple basket along with him to remind him of home. I was so happy he was going to have his own home where he would be the center of attention and cared for, but I knew I would miss him a lot. It was rough at first and Socks cried because he missed his mommy, but he adjusted and began enjoying his new surroundings and making new friends. Wade kept me updated with stories about how Socks settled in, growing into a very outgoing cat who liked to play with visitors. He continued to love his purple basket and liked tipping it over so he could “hide” underneath it and grab things through the holes. One day I went to visit and was so happy to find that Wade had replaced Socks’s little basket with an identical but much larger laundry basket. Socks loves it! He is so handsome now, all grown up and looking a lot like his mama.

I'm also very happy to report that Itsy and Bitsy have found a forever home together! I miss them like crazy. As for Sylvie, I couldn’t give her up. She is now my beautiful, long-haired, semiferal-but-slowly-learning-not-to-bite black beauty. I think she’s very happy.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Philosopher Queen

Comments and LOLs:
Decca -
What a beautiful story, and a beautiful family of kitties. Thank you for giving them a home until they could find their own families. Socks is a total charmer.
Sam Neil -
It's nice to know there are wonderful people as well as wonderful cats in the world!
Meg -
Aw, that makes my heart hurt, they're so adorable! I'm glad they all found homes, what a great story, thank you for sharing. :)
Tiffany -
What a warm and touching story. Sylvie is beautiful and the kitties are a burst of sunshine!
Beautiful, adorable, lovable and cuddly kitten family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p -
What a wonderful person for taking care of this beautiful babies until they found furrever homes!!! You are quite the angel and you and to those who adopted your babies may you have many many wonderful years with these adorable kitties. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. I do wish there was more people like you.
Kendra -
These kittens are super adorable!! I want one but I already have 2 cute ones. I'm glad they all found homes!!!!!
Jane -
What a caring person you are! I would never have been able to give up Socks but it's wonderful that you kept Sylvie since she would have had a very hard time being adopted. Black, feral cats are seldom adopted, as you probably already know.
Barbara -
Oh what a beautiful bunch.Socks is a real cutie,and reminds me of a cat I had once with the same markings,and surprisingly the same name too :).You have a very kind heart to have done all this for these sweet creatures.I wish you a long and happy life.
brenda -
Beautiful pictures ! Wonderful story ! Thank you for the smiles on my face and in my heart as I start my day ! God Bless You !
Susan Bauman -
I agree with everyone here! And it's so funny so see how tiny the original purple basket was!! What a tight fit for Socks as he grew. I hope more kitties come your way so you can work your kind wonders!
karrol nicoletto -
Love these kittens .I also care for homeless animals like these with one exception... I keep them. It is to hard to part with them.I admire you for your strength.
ana -
awhhh....... what a sweet heart!!!
Jaye -
adorable kitties, wonderful story, wonderful person.
WillThink4Wine -
What a heartwarming story! Socks has the most awesome whiskers! A very expressive face! Lucky for Itsy and Bitsy that you and Sylvie took them in until they could find their Forever Home!
Carolyn -
I love Sylvie for her dignity, love and loyalty! Thank you so much for this lovely story with a happy ending. Black and white (tuxedo) cats are my absolute favorite. I call them my "skunk" cats and that is what little Socks looks like.
Marilyn -
Cheers to you, Cynthia!! You truly have a kind heart!!
LovinKat -
I'm so glad you took the time to write a nice long story about these cuties! What a sweet mama cat. Thanks so much for sharing their photos and stories.
Rachel -
aww!so cute
b -
They are sweet kitties and Cynthia should be congratulated for giving them a good life!!
Tracie Mae -
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What a cute little fluff ball!!
Hannah -
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I love the family photo! They look so happy together, and I'm glad they all found loving homes.
BSweet -
This one brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing their story!
Eugenia1991 -
socks is so cute! u can tell hes a troublemaker from his facial expressions! I have a weak spot for black and white kitties...so cute!
Katrina -
the black one looked like he posed for the video cam at the first of the video
Meesh -
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God bless you for saving these sweet kitties and finding them good homes! As Jane said, black rescues often have a hard time finding forever homes - superstition, I guess - so Sylvie was lucky to find you! You are a great person to take such good care of these babies!
Natthecat -
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This story appeared on my birthday and the birthday week of my black feral cat, a male named Pixel. Your comment about the biting encourages me to stay the course with my black beauty and hope he comes round to trusting me. He's very good with the younger cat.
Natthecat -
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Sylvie and my Pixel would make great bookends!

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