April 1, 2020
zeppidy says: Georgie and Husky are my Burmese kittens. Georgie is a blue Burmese, and Husky is a chocolate Burmese. They came into my life after the death of my sweet girl Charlie, who was a lilac Burmese. Georgie and Husky love each other very much. We are further fortunate that Georgie and Husky are directly related to Charlie's lineage.
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: zeppidy

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ceri -
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They made me smile while we're all on lockdown. Thank you, Georgie and Husky.
katzenmother -
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They are both pretty boys yet this guy is my favorite. He looks like a sphinx cat in training here:)
Natthecat -
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What wonderful cats! So these are Burmese. Thinking, thinking, thinking this over. Picked the famous shot as my favorite because it always appears with the caption about grumpiness. Honestly, I believe I am in love. Not that I love them, but I am in love. Such glorious boys.
txmomlovell -
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these are 2 exceptionally beautiful cats!
judymack812 -
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They are new kitties!!! Never been on here before. I am so excited and they are so beautiful but this one is a treasure. I am sorry about Charlie....

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