January 24, 2021
Michelle says: Oreo came to us for foster care as a tiny little two-week old kitten this past year. He was a funny little black kitten with black tabby stripes and green eyes. He gave kisses and was always the first to run up and greet us. It was really cute how he took on a little bear cub pose standing on his hind legs ready to attack… but he didn't bite… just played. I think he was saying -- it's fun to pretend to be a giant bear...rawr!
All Photos Courtesy of and ©: Michelle Peters Spivack
Michelle Spivack, kitty foster mom and photographer extraordinaire, volunteers for 13th St. Cat Rescue, IBOK Rescue, and Paws for SJACS in San Jose, CA

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katzenmother -
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Oreo the bear kitten. He is so handsome that I would imagine he grew up to be quite a stunner. Love his green eyes. Looks like an old soul:)
texasmom -
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such a handsome boy
KatvVonV -
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Cute little Oreo - I can see some of his stripes in this photo. What charmer he must have grown up to be. Very handsome little guy too.
Natthecat -
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Oreo cookies come in chocolate cream filling, but they are out of stock. This Oreo is chocolate with chocolate cream filling and I think he is the sweetest version of black kittens. Can't get enough of him! Don't miss his tiny white teeth--so cute.

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