Jill says: Lemoni was a sweet little princess. She had the softest fur I've ever touched.... like a little cotton ball! I loved the little smudge on her head. She had a great personality and was very cuddly. Like Rambo, Lemoni was adopted to a loving home -- in this case with a woman who had recently lost her cat. She was actually the first of Isabella's kittens to be adopted.

Isabella's Kittens: Rambo

All Photos Courtesy of and ©: jillhudgins
If you're near Fredericton, New Brunswick, please stop by the Fredericton SPCA
to offer whatever support you can

Isabella's Kittens: Lemoni [6]  kitten
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KC -
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What a sweetie!!!!! Looks like her beautiful mama.
judymack812 -
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Lemon! Little white fluff ball! What's not to love?
txmomlovell -
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so very sleepy
KatVonV -
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Little Lemon, you are as beautiful as your Mama Isabella. I love your little beauty marks on top of your head. I am sure you love your new home and that you are pampered as you should be.

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